Landon Eric Omoa – OTDF Contracts Officer

Education stops only when you stop living so never give up to achieve your goals even if it takes years is my word of advice to everyone.

My name is Landon Eric Omoa, I come from Maipai’o village, in the Gulf Province and I have 21 years of work experience as a supply chain professional. Today I am the Contracts Officer with Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF).

I completed my Grade 10 back in 2000 when it was still Tokarara High School, to date is 21 years ago now it has upgraded to Secondary level. It took me 19 years to finally seize the opportunity to do my studies when I joined OTDF back in early 2019 since my previous years were all tied up with responsibilities to help my Dad support my younger siblings to complete their education and be financially secure. I am looking forward to receiving my Grade 12 certificate this year, 2022.

I feel awesome even though it took me 19 years to achieve this goal with all of life’s many challenges.

It was challenging but as we become more mature in life it makes us prioritize our work and studies at the same time. Well after I receive my Higher Secondary Education Certificate (HSEC), my goal is to apply for further studies for a Bachelor’s Degree or even a Master in Business Administration (MBA) program in PNG or abroad.

I was on self-sponsor and sacrificed my salary to pay for my studies.

I paid a total of K3200 (K400 x 8 subjects) for my matriculation studies and sacrificed my salary which was worth it all.

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