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Trust team continue to deliver village projects

Trust team continue to deliver village projects

OTDF Trust officer Ms Roman presents the engine kill switch key to Mr Robert, Dome VPC Chairman.

Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) Trust Administration Team delivered its first procurement project for June 2024 funded through village development funds.

Trust Administration Project Officer Michelle Roman, representing OTDF, handed over a brand new dinghy equipped with a 60-horsepower outboard motor to Mr. Malcolm Robert, Chairman of the Dome Village Planning Committee (VPC), at the Kiunga waterfront. “We are handing over this village asset with confidence that it will be well-maintained and serve the community effectively,” Roman stated during the presentation.

VPC Chairman Malcolm Robert expressed his gratitude towards OTDF for their untiring support and dedication to improving local transport. “All I can say is thank you. I will ensure the community dinghy is well taken care of and used to benefit everyone,” Robert said.

The delivery of these assets is particularly significant given concerns raised by recipient communities that timing of project delivery was delayed due to logistics and changing weather patterns.

Despite these challenges, the OTDF Trust Administration remains steadfast in its mission to deliver all nominated projects funded through village development funds for 2024.

This recent delivery to Dome Village demonstrates OTDF’s dedication to overcoming logistical hurdles and ensuring that nominated projects are delivered to support improved quality of life for the river communities.

Local Investment Company leases dinghy to OTDF for projects delivery

Local Investment Company leases dinghy to OTDF for projects delivery

L-R Mr Saferius receives the key to the dinghy from ULOTI Ltd Company Chairman, Mr Yarokam, witnessed by company director Francis Dickson

Logistics in Western Province continues to be a challenge for development in villages along the Fly River corridor.

The vast wetlands, lack of road access to remote communities, and seasonal fluctuations in weather patterns make delivering essential services like project materials, and other essential community and social support a formidable task.

On 31 May, the Chairman for the Upper Lower Ok Tedi Investment (ULOTI) Limited Mr. Paul Yarokam handed over the 23-footer dinghy and 85 horse-powered outboard motor to Ok Tedi Development Foundation staff and Management at the Kiunga waterfront.

He said: “Most of the dinghies purchased by Wait Tri Trust provide service along the Alice River only, so ULOTI want to change this and serve communities along the Fly River with this new dinghy and motor. I wish for the other CMCA investments companies to come together and do the same to share resources for development.”

OTDF Trust Administration Manager, Mr Johanis Saferius received the assets on behalf of OTDF, expressing appreciation for the local company to be collaborating with OTDF.

The investment company purchased the assets with the intent to lease to OTDF so the asset can be maintained while generating funds for ULOTI Ltd.

Mr. Johanis Saferius congratulated the company directors for their stewardship in leading development efforts within their Wai Tri communities through their local investment company. He remarked, “Upper Lower is a Subsidiary of Wai Tri Trust representing the upper six villages. This is an investment added to their current portfolio complementing real estate. The dinghy will be leased to OTDF Trust Administration when required, but also open to other OTDF programs, on a fixed rate. It is a privilege to be receiving these assets from the chairman and we will take care of it while giving back to the company through lease payments.”

The event marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing investment efforts for six villages of Birimkamba, Komokpin, Ambaga, Kungim, Kungembit and Putmambin.

The handover ceremony held at the Kiunga waterfront, had ULOTI Ltd directors, community members, OTDF staff and management in attendance.

OTDF is committed to overcoming logistic barriers to ensure that even the most isolated communities receive the support they need.

New transportation assets to boost development efforts in Western Province

New transportation assets to boost development efforts in Western Province

Bruce Kuweng Yokmot (L) receives the fuel line from Mrs Ukins (R) at the Kiunga waterfront, witnessed by the community and OTDF Management.

The Western Province, characterised by its extensive waterways, presents unique transport challenges for development partners delivering essential services. Addressing these challenges, the Nima Ara Women and Children’s Association of the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA), recently received crucial support to enhance their service delivery capabilities.

On 22 May, the association’s executives were delighted to receive from Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) a new administration dinghy with 60-horsepower outboard motor engine that the women funded. The village of Atkamba also received a dinghy with a 40-horsepower outboard motor engine, presented to the landowners who generously donated land for the construction of a community-learning centre.

During the handover ceremony, association President Mrs. Ruth Ukins highlighted the significant challenges faced when accessing remote river communities to deliver impactful projects. She noted: “Recognizing the importance of reliable transportation, our association prioritised and budgeted for a dinghy and outboard motor to enhance our operations.”

Mrs. Ukins expressed gratitude on behalf of the association members to both the Trust Administration team and OTDF for delivering the dinghies. She stated, “In addition to OTDF’s support, I want to acknowledge my dedicated women executives who tirelessly support our development initiatives. We also extend our deepest thanks to the Atkamba landowners for their generosity in providing land for our learning centre. As a token of our appreciation, we present this dinghy and motor to Bruce Kuweng Yokmot and his clan for their invaluable contribution.”

OTDF Trust Administration Manager Mr. Johanis Saferius congratulated the association’s women leaders for spearheading development efforts within their Wai Tri communities. He remarked, “Projects are selected and approved for specific reasons, and it is vital to follow this process. I encourage you to take good care of this asset to ensure it serves the community effectively for many years to come.”

Mr Philemon Nahuet OTDF Regional Development Coordinator (L) presents the fuel line and engine safety key of the women’s association administration dinghy to Mrs Ukins (R) at the Kiunga waterfront, witnessed by the OTDF PSSD Manager Moses Kalup and the Atkamba community members.

The handover ceremony, held at the Kiunga waterfront, was attended by association executives, community members, and OTDF staff and management, marking a significant milestone in the association’s ongoing development efforts.

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