Women’s & Youth Development

In 2018, the revised CMCA Women and Children’s Action Plan 2018 – 2022 was published. This Action Plan documents the women’s development aspirations following intensive consultative community engagement in the 152 CMCA communities and six mine villages completed in 2017.

The key priority in 2018 was to strengthen the governance processes of the Women & Children’s Associations before seeking partnership with external organisations to deliver on the development priorities as per the Action Plan. Governance relating to strengthening the constitutions of the associations and management training were delivered in 2018. Additionally, through the Association Executives, the Nupmo President was elected as an Associate Director on the OTDF Board and the Wai Tri President was elected to represent women and youth on the CMCA Syndicate & Advisory Committee.

Community Learning Centres Constructed

Women Received PGK677,000 In SME Loans

Youths Sponsored To Conduct Music Training

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