Executive Management

OTDF was created in 2009 to work as an independent foundation focused on improving the lives of those Papua New Guinea communities in which we work.

Each executive and board member, team and individual involved with OTDF is an essential part of achieving this goal.

It is through the dedication and commitment to the Western Province by our executives that OTDF has achieved great success through its various programs.

Whether extending its Health Program throughout North, Middle and South Fly Districts or providing scholarships and education to the province’s adults and children or bringing in international experts to help revitalise the natural eco-structure and landscape, OTDF’s executives are steadfast in their resolve to create a better environment, living and sustainability to all who live here.


Havini Vira

Chief Executive Officer

Havini Vira is from Eastern Highlands Province. He joined OTDF in January 2018 as Executive Manager of Program Services. A fisheries expert by profession, Havini has held various positions in both the public and private sectors, with his last role being Manager of Inland Aquaculture with National Fisheries Authority (NFA).

Havini holds a Masters in Aquaculture and Environment from University of New South Wales (2015), and a Bachelor of Sciences in Biology from University of PNG (1997). He has been involved in rural and community development his whole career and is passionate about projects that improve livelihoods.

Renagi Koiro

Executive Manager – Corporate Services

Renagi Koiro hails from the Central province of Papua New Guinea. An Accountant by profession, Renagi was with OTML Finance Department for 20 years before joining OTDF as the Trust Administrator responsible for Trust funds, investments and projects. He sits on all the Trust subsidiary company Boards and all Women & Children investment company boards. Under his leadership, the trust has seen growth in terms of Trust Investments.

 Renagi also has a wealth of experience with other sectors and industries prior to Joining OTDF & OTML.

 He is very passionate about working with communities and putting a smile of satisfaction on their face.

Eric Kuman

Executive Manager – Program Services

Eric Kuman is from the Simbu Province.  Before joining OTDF in 2015, Eric had a total of 23 years of work experience in the Food Industry, Mining and Development.

He possesses a Master of Leadership in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science & Diploma in Human Resource & Management. Eric is a Board member of Middle Fly Investment Limited, 4 CMCA women’s investment companies and the Rumginae School of Nursing.

He is passionate about education and developing youth to improve the quality of life for marginalised rural people across Western Province.

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