Infrastructure Development

OTDF continues to focus on the delivery of infrastructure projects as described in the Strategic 5-year Plan.

Infrastructure delivery is an enabler for communities to gain easier access to regional centres and government services, and to get produce to markets. This also allows for improvement of essential services like clean water supplies, sanitation, improvements in community health and thereby contribute to regional economic and social development.

CMCA infrastructure project selection is through a CMCA process that evaluates and prioritises project outcomes against set criteria. Final approval is through a CMCA Trust Board process.

Funding is from a range of sources including OTML TCS, WPPDTF, mine village VDF’s and CMCA Trusts. In 2018, the total expenditure was PGK7.5m or 21% of the total spend. However, this does not include the additional PGK22.42m contributed by OTML to the TCS.

Kilometres Of Road Upgraded

Million PGK Kiunga Water & Sewerage Projects Near Completion

Litres Catchment Water For Delta villages

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