Her trainers at the Rumginae Community Health Workers Training Center noticed her consistency in pursuing education through FODE since 2016.

She completed her schooling in 2019 and was selected because of her sheer determination to attend the CHW school.

Naomi Aewen is 28 from Hosokumgu village, Tutuwe Trust region, Ningerum station.

She was sponsored by the Tutuwe Women and Children Association to upgrade her grade 10 marks through FODE and continued to do her grades 11 and 12 through Adult Matriculation.

Naomi enrolled through the Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) Matriculation program in 2016 to upgrade her grade 10 marks in the second semester of the year.

As she continued to Ningrum High School she opted to do matriculation outside of the classroom walls after completing grade 10 at Ningrum High School. “I wanted to do homeschooling as it gave me the opportunity to learn at my own pace, knowing that at home I was able to research better and concentrate with the help of my family.”

“There are sacrifices which I had to make like forgoing the social activities, learning with less support from the formal comfort of a classroom and not having the constant supervision of a teacher was a challenge.”

After completing her 2 years of CHW training, she said she wants to serve as a health worker in her community.

“After I serve in my community, I have bigger dreams of becoming a nurse and even more to be a health professional”.

She thanked the Tutuwe Women & Children Association and acknowledge all who had supported and funded her education.

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