One of the 3 bedroom homes at Finalbin village in the Star Mountains.

Ok Tedi Mine Village members witnessed the opening of 5 houses funded from the Finalbin Village Development Fund at a total cost of K1.4 million.

Five families of Finalbin village in the Star Mountains on 12 May received keys to their new homes.

This project is a partnership between Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF), the Finalbin community, local building contractors, and Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML).

Mr. Maino Lucas, Mine Village’s Chairman, said the project is a sign of change in support at the mine’s executive management level.

“The project delivered today shows the leadership we have at the Ok Tedi mine, our people will benefit through this leadership witnessed today.”

The former VPC Chairman for Finalbin village Mr. Tony Itulam commended the support from OTDF and thanked them for completing the project despite many delays due to Covid-19.

Homes to improve standard of living


He expressed, “I want to see the Ok Tedi Mine Villages become the model community in PNG. I would like to see improvements in the living standard that will continue after mine closure and these five houses are a perfect example of making this happen.”

Team Leader OTDF Infrastructure Department, Richard Jendeng said, “we were involved in all stages of the project, particularly supporting the contractors to ensure compliance to standards and specifications.”

The houses have three bedrooms, are fully kitted with brown and white goods, supplied with both hot and cold water and electricity.

OTDF continues infrastructure development for the Mine Villages with the next five houses to be built for Kavorabip Village this year, followed by two houses each for both Atemkit and Wangbin Villages.

All approved nominations have been submitted with other VPC projects now awaiting approval by respective communities.

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