Roselyn (L) receives her certificate from Mrs. Dupnai

Kiunga Technical and Vocational Education Training Center (KTVETC) administrator thanked Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) for the support and trust in engaging them to roll out life skills programs for the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA).

Therefore strengthening partnerships with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), the private sector, development partners, and the government is the approach.

Mrs. Helen Dupnai Manageress for KTVETC told participants at the Tutuwe Women & Children Association sewing course closing ceremony on 7 April 2022.

“Since 2019, 562 participants graduated from the life skills program. I thank the Women & Children Associations and OTDF for having faith in KTVETC to deliver the Life Skills Training.”

She said the partnership with OTDF, has provided exposure and OTML’s Major Projects Business Unit has recently partnered with KTVETC.

Under the MoU six students, three male and three female, studying different trades at KTVETC will be selected annually to join the Major Projects Business Unit over the next three years.

Mrs. Dupnai said: “This is the biggest opportunity been given, we will make sure we deliver, we are humbled by being chosen as one of the local institutions here in Kiunga Western Province.”

KTVETC runs programs in personal viability, mechanical, carpentry, agriculture, hospitality, sewing, cooking, and baking.


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