OTDF Trust officer Ms Roman presents the engine kill switch key to Mr Robert, Dome VPC Chairman.

Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) Trust Administration Team delivered its first procurement project for June 2024 funded through village development funds.

Trust Administration Project Officer Michelle Roman, representing OTDF, handed over a brand new dinghy equipped with a 60-horsepower outboard motor to Mr. Malcolm Robert, Chairman of the Dome Village Planning Committee (VPC), at the Kiunga waterfront. “We are handing over this village asset with confidence that it will be well-maintained and serve the community effectively,” Roman stated during the presentation.

VPC Chairman Malcolm Robert expressed his gratitude towards OTDF for their untiring support and dedication to improving local transport. “All I can say is thank you. I will ensure the community dinghy is well taken care of and used to benefit everyone,” Robert said.

The delivery of these assets is particularly significant given concerns raised by recipient communities that timing of project delivery was delayed due to logistics and changing weather patterns.

Despite these challenges, the OTDF Trust Administration remains steadfast in its mission to deliver all nominated projects funded through village development funds for 2024.

This recent delivery to Dome Village demonstrates OTDF’s dedication to overcoming logistical hurdles and ensuring that nominated projects are delivered to support improved quality of life for the river communities.

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