L-R Mr Saferius receives the key to the dinghy from ULOTI Ltd Company Chairman, Mr Yarokam, witnessed by company director Francis Dickson

Logistics in Western Province continues to be a challenge for development in villages along the Fly River corridor.

The vast wetlands, lack of road access to remote communities, and seasonal fluctuations in weather patterns make delivering essential services like project materials, and other essential community and social support a formidable task.

On 31 May, the Chairman for the Upper Lower Ok Tedi Investment (ULOTI) Limited Mr. Paul Yarokam handed over the 23-footer dinghy and 85 horse-powered outboard motor to Ok Tedi Development Foundation staff and Management at the Kiunga waterfront.

He said: “Most of the dinghies purchased by Wait Tri Trust provide service along the Alice River only, so ULOTI want to change this and serve communities along the Fly River with this new dinghy and motor. I wish for the other CMCA investments companies to come together and do the same to share resources for development.”

OTDF Trust Administration Manager, Mr Johanis Saferius received the assets on behalf of OTDF, expressing appreciation for the local company to be collaborating with OTDF.

The investment company purchased the assets with the intent to lease to OTDF so the asset can be maintained while generating funds for ULOTI Ltd.

Mr. Johanis Saferius congratulated the company directors for their stewardship in leading development efforts within their Wai Tri communities through their local investment company. He remarked, “Upper Lower is a Subsidiary of Wai Tri Trust representing the upper six villages. This is an investment added to their current portfolio complementing real estate. The dinghy will be leased to OTDF Trust Administration when required, but also open to other OTDF programs, on a fixed rate. It is a privilege to be receiving these assets from the chairman and we will take care of it while giving back to the company through lease payments.”

The event marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing investment efforts for six villages of Birimkamba, Komokpin, Ambaga, Kungim, Kungembit and Putmambin.

The handover ceremony held at the Kiunga waterfront, had ULOTI Ltd directors, community members, OTDF staff and management in attendance.

OTDF is committed to overcoming logistic barriers to ensure that even the most isolated communities receive the support they need.

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