The Tabubil & Kiunga Medical team support the mother in labour on arrival at Kiunga Airport

Women in the CMCA are now stepping up to take on community responsibilities including medical support.

The Middle Fly Women & Children’s Association once again stood up for its community to medivac critically ill patients from Obo health outpost to Kiunga Hospital for treatment.

A call was made by Junlai Nawalin Officer in Charge (OIC) of Obo Health sub-center for an urgent medivac on 1 December. The Middle Fly Women & Children Association responded with funds made available by the Trust Administration for the medivac.

Quick response by OTML Community Relations, Aviation, and the Tabubil Hospital team, dispatched a helicopter to Obo in the Middle Fly and safely transported the patients to Kiunga.

OIC Nawalin attending to the patients said, “I communicated with Dr. Kevin from Rumginae and Dr. Yakea from Kiunga Hospital for an urgent referral of the patients as soon as possible.”

He said the mother was into active labour but having difficulty because the baby was lying in a transverse position.

The second mother presented a suspected cancer of the left breast resulting in swelling in the neck. This led to difficulty eating, drinking, and sitting upright. The third patient had an inflamed appendix, presenting severe abdominal pains, and required urgent referral for treatment.

OTML, OTDF in partnership with the Middle Fly Women & Children Association, Kiunga, and Tabubil Hospital medical staff facilitated this life-saving exercise.

The medivac is part of the association’s health support program.

Kiunga team was on standby at the airport with Raymond Walo, Public Officer for the women’s association, Kiunga Hospital staff, and OTDF Program Services staff.


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