Ambaga Elementary School teachers house complete

There are servant leaders among many communities in the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) region and the projects delivered is evident.

Caleb Konmop the Village Planning Committee (VPC) Chairman for Ambaga has proven his role after completing Trust-funded projects school housing and church building.

Ambaga village in the North Ok Tedi Trust region of CMCA area recently saw the completion of two development projects built by local youths at a cost of over K90, 000 “This building was built from local knowledge, we used the youths in the community to build the church building”, said Konmop.

The church and a two-bedroom teacher’s house is complete, built with the support of youths who trained as carpenters at Kiunga Technical and Vocational Education Training Centre (KTVETC).

“We must look at community-oriented projects, such as hospitals, churches, roads that the whole community can use. We have learnt from past experiences and must ask ourselves, what can we achieve for the community?” Konmop iterated.

The Konmop brothers Kawok and Caleb proved that development comes from hard work, commitment, and perseverance. The brothers have taken the lead in developing their community after receiving machinery to build a 14-kilometer feeder road worth over a K1million from North Fly District district grants.

The villagers of Ambaga used to walk 8 hours to reach basic services in Kiunga or Ningerum. Once the road is complete, this should take less time, improving access for Ambaga and surrounding Kungim and Brimkamba villages.

Ambaga village is located 7 kilometers from the Alice River, northwest of Kiunga town.


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