OTDF team with Mr Werror (middle)

After 32 years with Ok Tedi Mining Limited, Musje Werror was appointed as managing director/CEO of the huge PNG gold and copper mining company.
The OTML Kiunga operations team with OTDF were pleased to have the outgoing CEO/MD visit whilst making his site wide farewells.
Receiving Mr Werror in Kiunga were all team leaders including Dexter Wagambie Manager Kiunga Operations and Havini Vira OTDF CEO and their staff at the ISS Warehouse on Saturday 3 December 2022.
Mr Werror spoke of the change, which had occurred as everyone accepted policies and process over the years and how this changed behavior and attitude to create a professional working environment. He encouraged all who were present to maintain the OTML ‘Wan Wok, Wan Pasin’ spirit in teamwork while strengthening the resolve to getting the job done safely.
He told the Kiunga team of his time as manager responsible for Bige and Kiunga operations and the challenges faced, but said that it came with the package. “For every problem there is an opportunity to achieve a positive outcome!”
He continued and said if it weren’t for his former boss and previous OTML MD, Mr John Grubb, he would not have come this far. As he jokingly stated “I was thrown the task which I had no experience in and my boss encouraged me to take it on because he believed in me”. He encouraged those present to realise their true potentials as locals and as Papua New Guineans and contribute to making OTML the leading mining company in the country.
“I always acknowledge OTDF not because I am Board Chairman, but for the work which they do for communities in the mine impact areas of the CMCA to uphold OTML’s social responsibilities. It is this unique social license and partnership with the community that makes OTML different to other mining operations in the country”.
Before his departure, he wished everyone present the best and to maintain their work ethics and values at all cost, as he said: “I am leaving with my integrity intact and that is important to me”.
Mr Werror, took over the number one post on June 1 2020 and was the first Papua New Guinean to rise to the top job of a large mine in the resources sector.

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