Mr. Koiro (R) receives a gift from OTDF CEO Mr Havini Vira (L), holding the gift is Executive Manager Program Services Mr Eric Kuman (middle)

The OTDF management and staff hosted a rousing farewell ceremony with songs, dance, games and gifts for outgoing Executive Manager Corporate Services Mr. Renagi Koiro on December 10, 2022 at the Cassowary Hotel.
OTDF CEO Having Vira described Mr. Koiro as a humble, quiet spoken man whose strength was in managing the community Trust Boards and their processes successfully over 10 years.
As the Trust Administrator he also contributed to establishing the major Trust investments (aircrafts, ships, and real estate) as well as regional business investments.
Mr. Koiro bids farewell to Western Province after thirty three years of continuous service, beginning with OTML in Tabubil, and ending with OTDF in Kiunga.
He joined OTML in 1989 at the age of twenty seven as a spot finance officer and later on became the CMCA Trust Administrator and now he leaves as the Executive Manager Corporate Services for (OTDF).
He counts moving accounting services for CMCA Trust in-house to OTDF as being a contribution he is pleased with. That initiative saved around K2M that was paid annually for external accounting services in the past.
He thanked the staff for the farewell dinner and admitted that it was fitting for him with the remark that OTDF was truly a “family” he was pleased to have been part of.


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