L-R: Mr. Kuman receives a gift from an OTDF colleague and good friend Ismael Kamisi during the farewell function at the Cassowary Hotel in Kiunga 

Eric Kuman though from the Simbu Province, embraces Western Province dearly.  Before joining OTDF in 2015, Eric had a total of 23 years of work experience in the Food Industry, Mining and Development.

His passion for education and developing youth to improve the quality of life for marginalised rural people across Western Province has been the reason for his long stay in Western Province.

Mr Kuman has held numerous positions as a human resource professional and held leadership roles in OTML from 2001- 2013. He later joined OTDF in 2015 as the Manger Programs Services Sustainable Development (PSSD). He was promoted to Executive Manager Program Services in 2020.

Jonathan Kerekere (R) shows appreciation to Mr. Kuman on behalf of his team

His leadership has raised the profile of the CMCA Women & Children Associations with the development and roll out of their revised Action Plan in 2019.

He has been instrumental as an Executive Manager in reviving the food security program, the WaSH program and strengthening reporting across all development programs.

It is with mixed emotions we bid farewell to a remarkable individual who has been an inspiring force within OTDF. As we celebrate his time with us, we cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness knowing that his departure marks the end of an era filled with many accomplishments and unwavering dedication.

One of Mr. Kuman’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to bring people together and foster a spirit of collaboration. He possesses a rare talent for finding common ground among diverse stakeholders, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Through his leadership, he has been instrumental in creating a strong network of partnerships, both nationally and internationally, which have provided invaluable support to our programs and initiatives.

A special Abip bilum from the Star Mountains , North Fly  presented to Mr. Kuman 

But what truly sets Mr. Kuman apart is his unwavering dedication to service. He approaches every task with a genuine desire to make a difference, working tirelessly to ensure that our programs and services meet the needs of those they aim to serve. His empathetic nature and genuine concern for others have gained him the admiration and respect of colleagues, partners, and community members alike.

As we bid farewell to Mr. Eric Kuman, we do so with heartfelt gratitude for the immense contributions he has made during his time with us. His legacy of excellence will endure, and his influence will continue to shape the work we do moving forward. While we will undoubtedly miss his presence, we take solace in knowing that his next journey will be filled with success and fulfilment.

L-R: Havini Vira OTDF CEO and Jesse Pile OTDF Board Chairman present Mr. Kuman (middle) the organisation’s gift

On behalf of the entire OK Tedi Development Foundation family, we extend our deepest appreciation to Mr. Kuman for his unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and his commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours, confident that he will bring the same passion, excellence, and integrity that have defined his time with us.

Katamono, yawo and farewell, dear Mr. Eric Kuman. May your path be paved with continued success, and may the impact you have made inspire others to carry the torch as we move forward on this noble journey of service.

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