Youths clean the main central business area in Kiunga town

About 30 youths including school children in Kiunga town went around collecting rubbish to reduce health-related issues.

On 7 and 8 December 2021, rubbish on town streets was collected and packed in garbage bags for disposal. Town cleaner Deric Wau, who has been cleaning Kiunga town for more than 10 years said rubbish would not be a problem if people changed their attitudes and stopped littering.

” We are big people and we should take ownership of our own rubbish. Do not litter in town areas,” he said.

He added that hygiene practices in public places are important to reduce health-related issues we currently face. Kiunga town Mayor Mike Ofia said financial constraints have been the major hindrance for town authorities. Transportation costs have stopped rubbish collection adding, therefore, rubbish is being piled up in town. He said not only youths but key stakeholders and business houses in town should work together to ensure hygiene practices are maintained.

Kiunga town youths were vocal about hygiene practices in public places similarly informing the public to take ownership of their rubbish to uphold and maintain cleanliness, therefore, throw rubbish in proper bins.

The youths were supported by OTDF with hand gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizers for the clean-up program.

OTDF Media