Man selling garden produce on the street

The plight of mothers to sell their garden produce in the South Fly CMCA region was discussed during the recent Trust Board meeting held on 29 June at the Cassowary Hotel in Kiunga.

President for Manawete Women and Children Association Mrs. Philma Samo said difficulty in selling fresh produce at an established market has been a problem for villagers in South Fly District.

“Our people have been involved in agricultural activities over the years but have no place to go and sell, the current issue is the market”, she said.

When presenting during the meeting, Mrs. Samo said rice farming had increased, including vanilla, rubber, and eaglewood in Manawete region.

“But locals in 20 villages have no access to a market, to sell their produce so it is time now we should set one up,” she said.

Mrs. Samo brought forward a plea by the people, to provide good economic development and sustainable projects tailored to the needs of the people in the region.

She said Village Development Funds (VDF) should be used wisely to change the living standards of people post mine life.

This year’s budget allocation of K1.39 million for Manawete trust will be used for community development projects including education assistance to students from the Manawete region of the CMCA .

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