OTDF Board Meets With Suki Community

​THE OTDF Board which held its 50th Board meeting on board MV Ms Rankin on the Fly River spent some time to meet with the Suki Fly Gogo community at Pukaduka 1 village on August 25, 2019 as part of the OTDF Communications Patrol.The board flew to Gigwa airstrip in the Suki Fly Region and proceeded to Pukaduka 1 village where they were met by over 600 community members.

The purpose of the meeting was mainly to address issues and concerns relating to the current legal proceedings involving the Western Province People’s Dividend Trust Fund for the CMCA region and provide an update on MRCMCA.

The OTDF Board Chairman, Musje Werror responded to all the questions which helped to clear a lot of confusion and misunderstandings in the community.

He also took the opportunity to communicate OTDF’s plans for the CMCA Region and encouraged the community to set aside their differences and work together to develop their region.

The community appreciated the visit by the OTDF Board. The OTDF board meets every quarter and the next board meeting is planned to be held in the South Fly region in December coinciding with the South Fly Communications Patrol.

OTDF Media