Association members participate in the elections at the Star Mountain Women’s Association Resource Center

A special Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Monday 19th December by the six Mine Village Women and Children’s Association members to elect a new president.

The position was left vacant for a while after an administrative decision to dismiss the president on disciplinary grounds.

The special AGM comprising the Ok Tedi Mine Village Women and Children’s Association (OTMVWCA) executives, Chairladies from the six Women’s Social Issues Concern Group (WSICG) and their committee executives met in Tabubil to elect a president.

The Association Secretary Mrs Alice Mumuyong was nominated by Vice President Mrs Lulu Bill, who willingly accepted the nomination.

Mrs Mumuyong as the only nominee was declared President unopposed by the presiding officials from the Star Mountains Local Level Government (SMLLG) who supervised the election.

Mrs Mumuyong was the Secretary for four years, and as the newly elected president, will hold office for the next two years before the next elections.   She has been a community development worker for almost 10 years.

As a strong leader, Mrs Mumuyong balances her leadership duties with her family responsibilities. “My work takes me away from my family, but I have a very supportive husband who cares for our children while I am doing community work, and I am grateful to him for his support.”

She said she will lead with a focus to deliver on the five year Women and Children Action Plan.

Mrs Mumuyong addresses the women as the President elect thanking them for their confidence in her leadership

With the secretary’s position vacant, another election followed for members to elect a new Secretary.

Mrs Kwil Sumengim was elected as the new Secretary for the Association.

Mrs Sumengim thanked the women for their confidence in her and she pledged her support to the Association in her new role.

OTDF Program Services Sustainable Development Manager Mr Andrew Mari chaired the election process at the Star Mountain Women’s Association Resource Center in Tabubil.

He encouraged the women leaders to work together and support the association executives to deliver their planned activities. He also reminded the executives and committee members to be responsible leaders in the community: “The mine will be gone, take lead now and plan for the future. Your actions will reflect who you are and determine the communities trust in you.  Stand firm and always put the interest of your members first in decision making for the good of your communities and your children.”



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