MEDIVAC for Women Saves Lives

The Middle Fly Women’s Association Medivac Program and funding is a pioneer program, possibly the first in the country and unique for this group of women to reach out to the people during emergencies in their region. The program is bringing hope to people who are unable to reach a nearby health facility.

Lives are frequently lost during transportation of patients on a dinghy through the winding Fly River up to 10 hours to get to a hospital.

Ms. Agnes Peter of Wangawanga village is a thankful recipient of this program, now reunited with her baby. Agnes was air lifted from Aiambak airstrip to Kiunga to receive immediate treatment for antenatal trauma after delivery.

“We have seen our women folk and children dying from curable disease and we made this bold decision to allocate PGK 100,000 every year to support the medivac program”, said Charlotte Mathews President Middle Fly Women’s Association.

Agnes’ recent medivac was a first for the Association to charter a helicopter to move a patient from Aiambak as there was no other option.

“I applaud the Women leaders wise decision to help the women in their region, for serving with distinction, and touching the lives of many women and children.” Mr Eric Kuman, OTDF Program Services Sustainable Development Manager.

OTDF Media