OTDF CEO Mr. Vira (L) receives the keys from WTHL Chairman Mr. Neweng (R) looking on is company director Ms. Anna Koworot (middle) witnessed by OTDF management & staff.

A second MoA signed in Kiunga Western Province by Wai Tri Holdings Limited (WTHL) adds value to investment .

Chairman of WTHL Mr Martin Neweng expressed appreciation for the delivery of a vehicle. “It took a while to get the business off the ground, so it is a privilege for me as the Chairman to see this happen.”

The Toyota Land Cruiser is leased to OTDF for the next three years with OTDF to cater for operational and maintenance costs.

This ceremony held on on 28th October 2022 marks a new milestone for the company after purchasing real estate property in Port Moresby earlier this year.

Locals encouraged to invest

Trust Administrator Mr. Johanis Saferius addressing the company directors,invited guests, and OTDF Management 

The Trust Administrator explained the agreement in detail and committed the Trust Administration team to support the local businesses in their ventures.

OTDF Executive Manager Corporate Services, Mr Renagi Koiro advised, “All investments are risks in themselves, choosing the right one is good but choosing the wrong one can be disastrous.”

WTHL was registered four years ago by the OTDF Business Development team as a regional company for Wai Tri communities. The concept was to start somewhere and expand.

OTDF CEO, Mr Havini Vira commended the board and management on the growth of the entity within the space of four years. He said: “it’s good to see the second investment signed with OTDF. OTDF will continue to support local investments. The challenge for WTHL board and management is to independently manage without OTDF support”.

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