Village Planning Committee Chairman for Iogi village, Mr James Ukin (middle) receives the project from OTDF CEO Mr. Vira (L)

Ensuring the availability of safe drinking water is crucial for a sustainable future. The strain on water reservoirs is growing, fueled by both short and long-term climate variations, as well as the escalating demands of increasing population. Western Province, despise having so many rivers, struggles with safe drinking water but thanks to OTDF, prayers have been answered.

“We have struggled to access clean water and this project is a need for the community. We travel long distances to collect water, now it is at our doorstep”  — Anna Koworto, Women Leader, Wai-Tri Trust —

A mother fetches water from the gravity fed tap installed a meter from a house

Iogi village on Friday 7 July received two rainwater catchment project to provide clean water for drinking, washing and cooking to more than 300 people.

Village Planning Committee Chairman for Iogi village, Mr James Ukin, received the project on behalf of the of Iogi community. He said: “Clean water is important for us to live healthy in the community so thank you for the service.”

OTDF CEO Havini Vira said partnership is the key to development at all levels.

“Partnership is important to serve the people. OTDF cannot do it alone, we need the support from the government, churches, youths and the community to work together to bring change.”

OTDF CEO and a young member of the Iogo community try a tap connected to the water catchment

Worth over K400,000, the project was built with funding from their Village Development Funds (VDFs) under the Wai Tri Trust arrangement from the Ok Tedi Mine compensation benefits.

Delivered by the OTDF Infrastructure team, the project consists of eight 5,000 litres tanks installed in two separate locations in the village with pipes connected throughout the village community and households accessing water via gravity fed taps.

The rainwater catchment project took two months to install and complete.

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