First home complete at Miamrae village

Miamrae village witnessed the completion of the first of 10 houses funded by the Miamrae Village development funds in September.

The Trust project is a partnership between OTDF and the Miamrae community of the CMCA Trust Region.

Community woman presentative Mrs Tumba Worin, the second recipient of the home said, “The first successful delivery of the homes shows the great partnership we have with OTDF, and our people will benefit through this partnership.”

OTDF Infrastructure Department GDS Architect and project lead Mr. Edward Kosi said: “We were involved at all stages of the project, including monitoring the contractors to ensure compliance to standards and specifications. As a new graduate and having created this architectural design am thankful it has come to reality.”

OTDF North Fly Regional Development Officer (RDO), Mr. Veao Nami, said the project was a sign of change in support at the community level, as it is a legacy project which needed to be completed.

The house has three bedrooms, built to specifications on high posts by a local carpenter from Miamrae village.

OTDF Infrastructure Development Department continues to supervise the construction of the remaining nine houses.

OTDF Media