The Rumginae Community Health Workers School in Western Province received its e-library facility on the 26th of August this year co-funded by Vega Industries, an Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) supplier, and Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF).

Of the 14 CHW schools throughout the country, the Southern region hosts 7 schools and Rumginae CHW School is the first to have an e-library facility, completed at a total cost of K73, 000.

Principal of the school, Mr Amos Kupaloma is grateful to the school’s Board of Directors for and the development partner OTDF. The interactive library has over 30 million resource materials that will benefit the students and staff.

He said: “Western province is challenged with a shortage of rural health workers and access to health facilities. We are trying to raise the standards of health facilities and the school aims to prepare more Community Health Workers (CHW) to serve in these facilities.”

Mr Kupaloma expressed that the training of competent CHWs with the vital skills and knowledge contributes to quality and cost-effective Primary Health Care (PHC) services to the rural majority and the urban communities, thus fulfilling the PNG government’s National Health Plan for 2011-2020.

He said the new e-library is part of the capacity building to enable the CHW training school to become a Nursing College. The school intends to commence the nursing diploma program in 2023.


OTML supportive of the project

OTML Board Chairman Dr Roger Higgins

OTML Board Chairman Dr Roger Higgins was the guest of honour and in his address recalled his stay in Western Province and the current developments.

He was pleased that in a remote environment, developments were taking shape using the latest technology for learning. “I commend the school administration for bringing the CHW School this far since its inception in 1976 and the current development will be valuable in teaching and training future professionals in medicine.”

Dr Higgins encouraged the school to make use of the facility and to maintain it for years to come.



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