Basketball referee training session at Madiri Primary School, South Fly – Picture credit: Peta Sports Management 

Effective youth development programs to engage meaningfully with youths is the focus for 2021 going forward.

Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) Community Development (CD) Sector commenced its youth development sports program in May this year in the North Fly District.

After that, the program proceeded to the Middle Fly, which was held at Kaviananga village with 24 participants for basketball, 20 for volleyball, and 20 for rugby league.

A representative from Aiambak, Middle Fly Ms. Karen Elizah said she had learned a lot from the referee and coaching training. “I learned a lot but the highlight was the legal methods of tackling a player on the field. I will return to Aiambak and pass on this skill to interested rugby players” she said.

“In South Fly, we had many females for the other two codes except for rugby. Generally, we had a good composition of participants per region with many participating.”

For Manawete and Kiwaba regions, the training took place at Gaia Primary School in Kawiapo village where 16 did basketball training, 18 for volleyball, and 21 for rugby league.

Dudi and Suki Fly Gogo participants had their training at Madiri Primary School with 24 participating in basketball, 20 for volleyball, and 20 for rugby league.

The program delivered three modules; Phase 1: Grassroots Coaching and Referee Course, Phase 2: Facilities Development & Sports Administration Course, and Phase 3: Talent identification and development.

PETA Sports Management Limited was engaged to deliver phase 1 of this program which started in May 2021. The Program had a good response with 223 (40 from North Fly and 183 from Middle Fly & South Fly) youths participating. According to PETA Manager, Percy Mataio, the program is aimed at fostering a strong, happy and healthy community through sports.

“Knowledge and skills you’ve gained during the training are for you to go and impart in your communities because we want to see peaceful communities. Through sports, you can provide unity for all,’’ said facilitator Mataio.

Tommy Polang OTDF CD Coordinator said the Phase 1 Program addresses development goals in the CMCA Youth Development Plan 2019 – 2021. The common sports identified in this plan include rugby league, soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

Polang said the highlight was the three female participants who showed up for the Rugby League basic coaching in Middle Fly. He encouraged more women to stand up and take the challenge.


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