Staff members during the clean -up program at their office in Kiunga, WP.

Maintaining safe and clean environment is important in different organisations and the community in the country.

In commemorating this year’s World Environment Day themed “Beat Plastic Pollution” the staff of Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) cleaned the public road and car park around the main office in Kiunga this morning.

As a community development organisation OTDF values the environment that is important for livelihoods while serving the people in Western Province,.

OTDF’s safety coordinator Shane Tarue said observing the day raises awareness on the environment and the effects of human activities on nature and people.

He said: “Many issues relating to climate change and the environment is caused by us so we need to take care of our environment. Air, water and land are essential for human survival.”

He said businesses and stakeholders and all citizens should take care of the environment and help reduce plastic pollution in PNG.

Staff  and community planting trees at Nakaku field base waterfront, Suki, South Fly, WP

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Havini Vira stressed on personal responsibility, where everyone should be cautious of things they do such as throwing out plastic and other rubbish publicly.

He urged families and individuals to continue to play their part in disposing of plastics properly at home and in our towns and villages. That’s how we individually contribute to saving the environment.

He said: “Safety and environment are OTDF values that underpin our work. We must continue to maintain these standards and eventually influence others to take care of the environment.”

OTDF staff at field bases along the Fly River commemorated the day by planting trees.

OTDF staff and community planting trees at Aiambak field base, Middle Fly, WP.

To end the day, all employees together with their families participated in collecting rubbish around their residential areas followed by quizzes and activities for the children.


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