The Pikinini Sports program launched at Gigwa Primary School, Suki, South Fly 

Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) through stakeholder consultations developed a Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WaSH) Program in 2021, aligning with the national governments WaSH Policy 2015-2030, for the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Trust regions of the Western Province.

Pukaduka 1 village celebrated the launching of the WaSH program on 12th October 2022, jointly funded by the Women & Children Associations in the CMCA Trust regions in partnership with OTDF.

16 villages in the Suki Fly Gogo Trust region of South Fly are set to benefit from the program with Middle Fly to follow. The OTDF WaSH Coordinator Michael Koini said the team have started with the development of community mobilisation programs to empower villagers with proper hygiene practices using visual aids and the construction of ventilated improved latrines (VIP Latrines). This included hand washing facilities made possible by building RUS Pumps. A simple device made from PVC pipes, which works like a bicycle pump. On the upstroke, water is sucked into the space between the two valves, on the downstroke; water is forced up the centre pipe. The technology can be applied anywhere the water-table is less than 6m depth.

Women leader Mrs. Nancy Isikini while appreciating the launch of the program and the innovative RUS pump technology said her community in Suki will promote the WaSH program going forward. She said: “OTDF, well done, you have heard the cry of the women and as a mother cares for her child, I will do so with this WaSH program. I urge our communities to support the Suki Fly Gogo Women & Children Association to deliver development programs and take ownership of projects to support sustainability.”


OTDF WaSH – Pikinini Sports Launched

In line with the launching, the Pikinini WaSH Program rolled out on the 13th October at Gigwa Primary School, celebrating “Hand Wash Day.” The WaSH message in maintaining proper sanitation health and hygiene was promoted through sports. Coordinator for the OTDF Community Development Program Mr. Polang Tommy said, “Children learn through playing and the idea of integrating WaSH into pikinini sports is a new approach by the WaSH program.”

Present to support the WaSH program were invited guests from World Vision PNG, the LLG representatives, the District Administration, Women & Children Association Executives, the lower Suki Fly Gogo communities and the OTDF management and staff.

OTDF Executive Manager Program Services Mr. Eric Kuman said: “The project is expected to impact the quality of life of women, men and children by supporting a healthier and safer living environment and lifestyle.”

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