Providing Proper Tools to Lead Beyond 2019

‘IF you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’

This was the message by Nupmo Women’s Association President, Mrs. Noni Dukumun, during the launch of the Women’s Five-Year Action Plan in May this year.

This document, prepared by the nine Women’s Associations from the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) areas along the Fly River and six Mine Villages in the Star Mountain, targets community and livelihood development programs for their communities.

Mrs Dukumun, also the women’s representative on the OTDF Board, said this document combines all nine associations’ plans which plots the pathways to improving living standards and focusing on sustainable economic activities for their women and youths.

Dudi Women Association President in the South Fly region, Anna Sumai, said women in Western Province have management capabilities but required guidance and support.  “We went through capacity building training in management and budgeting and it was a headache for us, but we got through it,” Mrs. Sumai said.

She thanked the OTDF officers in helping the Associations prepare the plans which they could now use to deliver projects with confidence. OTDF Program Services Sustainable Development Manager, Mr. Eric Kuman, said “we have already begun implementing and we will continue and strategize depending on funding. This is the blueprint for development aspects for the region you serve”.

This action plan will ensure no region is left behind. You will see each other’s plans in here and many of them are generic.” He said as the manager of the program, he had a task with his officers to deliver the projects in an organized and cost effective manner.

The presidents witnessed the launch of their plans at the OTDF office in Kiunga, Western Province, in the presence of the executive management and association executive members.


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