Project delivery in the new normal is a challenge, but not an obstacle

Over 60 local residents in Bongubun village along the Alice River in the Waitri Trust region in North Fly District have called for transparent project delivery in the villages and a review on livelihood development projects. Women’s Social Issue and Concern Group (WSICG) chairperson Mrs. Norin Oti said the community consultation patrol in Bongubun village on 13 August, was timely but expressed sadness at the progress in delivering projects, saying efforts of the villagers were wasted. Speaking on behalf of the village, she said development plans must be implemented properly to ensure planned activities are delivered on time. She said the 2018 inoculation of the eagle woods in Bongubun was not conducted as expected by the villagers. Manager for Program Services and Sustainable Development Mr. Andrew Mari assured the community members that OTDF will address the inoculation processes not only in Bongubun village but also in other villages this year. He also added, that OTDF greatly values the feedback of the people and will source alternative ways to deliver livelihood projects in a timely manner. A review of internal processes is planned for late September. This review will identify areas of improvement to better serve the communities.

OTDF Media