Achieving self-reliance, health and quality of life in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province communities

Who We Are

OTDF is a not-for-profit organisation focused on improving the lives of the Papua New Guinea communities in which we work.

Each executive and board member, team and individual involved with OTDF is an essential part of achieving the goal of allowing the residents of Western Province to have greater choices in mapping out their own direction to live better lives.

Executive Management 

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What We Do

Our purpose and mission are the same – wisely manage the OTDF programs and funds to assist the Western Province communities with financial self-reliance through socio-economic initiatives, improved health and education, and enabling infrastructure.

Operating independently of OTML since 2009, we are proud to have 50 full-time staff, 60 part-time staff, and committed volunteers throughout Western Province dedicated to ensuring our objectives and goals are aligned with those of the communities for which we serve.

To date, we have achieved significant outcomes across our investment portfolio and all five pillars of CMCA community development.

Economic Development

From inception as an independent organisation in 2010, OTDF has worked tirelessly with the CMCA communities to establish family and village-based food production options.

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Women's & Youth Development

Developing women and youth aspirations following the intensive consultative community engagement in the communities and mine villages.

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Infrastructure Development

OTDF continues to focus on infrastructure delivery for communities to gain easier access to regional centres and government services, and to get produce to markets.

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Community Health

The OTDF Strategic 5-year plan goal for the Health Sector is the CMCA primary health care service delivery strengthened and in line with the Western Province & National Health Plans.

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Community Education

The OTDF Education Sector goals are to improve to quality education services, improve teacher education and training.

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Our Communities

We are proud to call the Western Province our home and consider each district part of our OTDF family. Each of the 147,000 people who reside in the 158 villages that make up the CMCA corridor are unique, and wonderful in their spirit, culture and sense of pride in their community.

Western Province

North Fly District

Middle Fly District

South Fly District

Latest News

Stay up to date with the news and activities of the OTDF
OTDF Strengthening Partnership

OTDF Strengthening Partnership

​The Maritime Cadet Scholarship (MCS) Program managed by the Ok Tedi Development Foundation’s Education Team, has formally secured a partnership with a renowned shipping company. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is with P&O Maritime Services (PNG) Limited, a...

OTDF Kiunga Fun Run Hailed A Success

OTDF Kiunga Fun Run Hailed A Success

​The inaugural OTDF Kiunga Fun Run was hailed a success by the organisers, sponsors and participants alike. Running enthusiasts as well as first time runners from Kiunga and Tabubil joined in the fun run. Initiated by the Ok Tedi Development Foundation with the...

OTDF Board Meets With Suki Community

OTDF Board Meets With Suki Community

​THE OTDF Board which held its 50th Board meeting on board MV Ms Rankin on the Fly River spent some time to meet with the Suki Fly Gogo community at Pukaduka 1 village on August 25, 2019 as part of the OTDF Communications Patrol.The board flew to Gigwa airstrip in the...

Annual Reports

Our latest Annual Report is a comprehensive report of what OTDF has achieved and defines/outlines our ongoing priorities and goals going forward.


Each month, our OTDF media team creates a PDF newsletter that encapsulates the many activities and achievements by OTDF, partners and communities.

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OTDF is committed to cooperation and integration of ideas from our community, therefore, we are always interested in what you have to say.