L-R OTDF CEO Havini Vira receives the cheque from Hon. Maso Hewabi Member elect for Middle Fly District looking on are OTDF management team and Middle Fly DDA team.

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Middle Fly District Development Authority (MFDDA) and Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) is a milestone achievement and way forward in strengthening the Public and Private Partnership program in Western Province.

Member for Middle Fly District Hon. Maso Hewabi Chairman of the MFDDA, reached out to OTDF to partner in service delivery to Middle Fly communities. This arrangement was formalised with the singing of an MOA on Tuesday 21 November at the OTDF office in Kiunga.

The signing ceremony was complimented by the presentation of PGK 500,000 to OTDF to manage on behalf of the Middle Fly communities. This funds will specifically be used for education support.

The partnership is a culmination of dialogues, which resulted in the MOA and the huge funding allocation primarily allocated for education support.

A further PGK 500, 000.00 will be provided in early 2025 to fulfil a one million kina funding arrangement approved by the Middle Fly DDA board, for projects in key focus areas of health, education, livelihood and agriculture, WaSH, Infrastructure development and Economic and Social programs in the district.

MP Hewabi expressed his determination to make a difference, highlighting key priorities in his district. MP Hewabi stated, “OTDF is a reputable organisation that our government wants to partner with to deliver services to the Middle Fly communities.”

Additionally, the government member shared his plans for the newly established Middle Fly District and outlined the constraints and challenges faced by his government. The partnership with OTDF is a means to address these challenges and effectively deliver much-needed services to the communities.

OTDF CEO Havini Vira expressed appreciation for a DDA other than the North Fly, partnering with OTDF. “It’s a milestone recognition for OTDF as a development stakeholder in the province.”

The usage of funds received will be governed by a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Middle Fly District Development Authority (DDA) and OTDF.

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