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Feature story on a young Graduate Accountant – Abraham Kromnong


How time flies by so quickly to have come this far despite the covid pandemic disruptions in 2021 when I first joined as a pioneer GDS Accountant at OTDF. For me it was all about gaining the exposure in a multi-cultural and modern setting business environment after my studies at UPNG’s new School of Business & Public Policy Building and also with my previous internship exposure in Port Moresby. The only organization that could offer this type of standard back home was Ok Tedi Mining Ltd. Surprisingly, it was a privilege to join OTDF as a pioneer GDS as it is a subsidiary of OTML. The most unique thing I will take away from this GDS training is from seeing firsthand different styles of leadership traits portrayed by various leaders within the organization to influence decision making both within the organization and out in the communities in order to make sure that we achieve our annual targets. In my view OTDF is one of the best organizational models in PNG’s context that can be replicated and implemented by other mineral and energy project developers in PNG to allow impacted communities to easily allocate their development funds to enable sustainable socio-economic development. This model reduces tedious and lengthy processes within governmental agencies that delays and infuriates local impacted communities on development ambitions.

“IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? IF NOT US, THEN WHO?” – Former OTDF Board Chairman, Musje Werror

Highlights of my GDS

  • Exams passed 2021 – 2022: Foundations of Accounting, Business Law, Taxation Law & Practice, Strategic Management Accounting, Advanced Audit and Assurance, Ethics and Governance.
  • Exams to complete in 2023: Financial Risk Management and Financial Reporting.
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, External Audit

I am thankful for being continuously supported by OTDF to pursue my Certified Practicing Accounts (CPA) studies while doing my GDS within the two years of training. I have passed six CPA PNG Exams and this year I will be completing the remaining two (2) exams. My goal is to attain the designation of Certified Practicing Accountant by CPA PNG. Nevertheless, I believe that gaining experience at work is one thing but also having the drive to attain professional qualifications while young is an investment that will pay off in the long run and I will always be thankful to OTDF for giving me this opportunity.

My GDS training included rotating to different Finance sections in OTDF. I was able to perform roles in accounts payable, accounts receivable, general leger and external audit engagements. As a result of this training, it has given me the confidence to even perform different finance tasks independently.

The highlight for my training is seeing the complete financial process from recording of transactions all the way to producing monthly financial reports. As an Accountant most of the time you will work behind the scenes to move the organizations’ operational requirements.

As a result, I have learnt that teamwork and greater cooperation from everyone in the organization helps to achieve the overall objectives and annual targets.

About the OTDF GDS Program

The GDS Program is a first for OTDF that will provide on-the-job work experience for the trainees to learn and grow in their chosen field with the right mentoring.

It also provides a pathway for sponsored students to enter the workforce should they qualify.

The 2-year program initiated by the Executive Management was to recruit Western Province graduates to build human capacity in the province.

Three graduates will be offered an opportunity every 2 years to work in their respective fields within OTDF’s development programs.

The GDS program is a talent pipeline to satisfy current and future professional manpower, leadership and succession planning needs. It also addresses OTDF’s Vision, to enhance the quality of life and self-sustainability of Western Province communities by contributing to human capacity development.

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