Caption: L-R Mr. Mark Yauram presents the vehicle keys to Mr. Andrew Mari, OTDF EMPS

Nupmo Holdings Limited (NHL) is thrilled to announce a significant achievement with the successful signing of an agreement with a development partner to lease out its vehicle.

The lease agreement was formalized on the 6th  of December at the OTDF conference room between Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) and  NHL, witnessed by Mr. Andrew Mari OTDF Executive Manager Program Service.

The Chairman of Nupmo Holdings Limited, Mr. Mark Yauram, expressed his satisfaction in sealing the lease agreement with OTDF, emphasizing the pivotal role played by the foundation in contributing to NHL’s growth and development. Mr. Yauram highlighted the valuable lessons learned through the collaborative journey with OTDF, attributing the remarkable impact on the company’s overall success.

Mr. Andrew Mari Executive Manager Program Services (EMPS) in his congratulatory remarks gave credit to former executive managers and directors involved in these ventures.

Acknowledging the foresight of Mr. Eric Kuman, former Executive Manager Program Services, Mr. Mari, praised Kuman’s vision for transforming communities through spin-off businesses. Mari expressed his gratitude at Nupmo Holdings’ confidence in OTDF and commitment to advocate for the foundation. He emphasized the importance of embracing opportunities, fostering innovation and sustainability in the programs delivered by OTDF.

Trust Administrator Mr. Johanis Saferius, , highlighted the significance of the occasion, describing it as a small yet meaningful event that paves the way for future generations within Nupmo Holdings and the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA). He said: “This is significant occasion because from the initial funds of K300,000.00 spent to purchase an excavator, the money raised from the use of the earth mover made possible the purchase of the Toyota Land Cruiser”.

Saferius expressed gratitude to those who laid the foundation for this milestone.

The ceremony concluded with the formal signing of the lease agreement and the symbolic handover of the car key to the OTDF Team, IDD, and PSO, marking a momentous collaboration between Nupmo Holdings and Ok Tedi Development Foundation.

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