In a recent meeting held to discuss collaboration and identify synergies, a Member of Parliament expressed interest to collaborate with the Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) to deliver essential services in the Middle Fly District, with a specific focus on the CMCA Fly River Communities. The meeting also addressed other important topics, including proposed logistic support for disaster relief and the counter funding arrangement for the Fly River Communities in Middle Fly.

The session commenced with a meet-and-greet between OTDF Management and the Middle Fly District Member of Parliament Honourable Maso Hewabi and his first Secretary, Stanley Petrus, followed by a presentation by Mr. Eric Kuman, Executive Manager Program Services (EMPS), providing an overview of the organisation.

The MP and his first secretary were highly impressed by the work being undertaken by OTDF in the Fly River corridor. MP stated, “OTDF is a reputable organisation that our government intends to collaborate with to deliver services to the Middle Fly communities within the CMCA regions.” He acknowledged the challenges due to logistical costs and geographical constraints. However, the involvement of partners like OTDF will alleviate costs and enable both parties to achieve more for the communities. MP Hewabi expressed his determination to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OTDF, highlighting sectors of interest such as education, economic programs, fisheries, vanilla, and water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Additionally, the government member shared his plans for the newly established Middle Fly District and outlined the constraints and challenges faced by his government due to inconsistent District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funding. The planned partnership with OTDF is seen as a means to address these challenges and effectively deliver much-needed services to the communities.

EMPS Eric Kuman, MF Member Hon. Maso Hewabi and his first Secretary, Stanley Petrus.

Responding to the discussions, OTDF EMPS Mr. Kuman, emphasised that according to the CMCA Agreement, the organisation’s operations are confined to the CMCA communities. However, Mr Kuman assured the meeting attendees that OTDF is willing to extend its support. OTDF expressed gratitude for the Middle Fly member’s willingness to collaborate with OTDF and looked forward to progressing the MOU.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with the commitment from both parties to work together to improve the lives of the Middle Fly communities. The partnership between the government and OTDF has the potential to bring about significant positive changes, addressing the challenges posed by logistical costs and geographic constraints. As plans move forward, the signed MOU will serve as a foundation for cooperation, allowing the parties to pool their resources and expertise for the betterment of the CMCA Fly River Communities in the Middle Fly District.

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