L-R Charlotte Mathews association president, Lyne Bap association vice president, Ms Bala Tedumo OTDF officer and Executive Manager Corporate Services at the handover of the dinghy and accessories.

The Middle Fly region of the Western Province is characterised with large bodies of water hence transportation is a challenge experienced by government and other development partners in service delivery.

One such development group is the Middle Fly Women and Children’s Association of the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA). The association serves 18 villages scattered along the lakes of the Middle Fly and along the Fly River corridor.

The executives on 15th March received their long-awaited administration dingy and 75 horse-powered outboard motor delivered through  Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF).

Association president Mrs. Charlotte Mathews in her welcome remarks noted the delay in the delivery which impacted their movement when conducting their work down river however expressed gratitude on behalf of the association members to the Trust Administration team and OTDF for delivering the association’s transport asset. She said: “Apart from OTDF support, I give credit to my women executives, who tirelessly support the association and its work in our community. We know it is voluntary work, however the good work and leadership role you play has not gone unnoticed, and you will be rewarded.”

OTDF Corporate Services Executive Manager Mr. Raul De los Santos in his response congratulated the Middle Fly women for their role in taking lead in development within their Middle Fly communities. He said: “Good stewardship is important, especially the women who take care of the family and children, more importantly applying the same principle to the care of the assets delivered today”.

The handover Ceremony was witnessed by the executives of the association and OTDF staff at the OTDF Yard in Kiunga.


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