Kokonda children enjoying a drink from the water catchment 

Kokonda village, located in the North Fly District of Western Province, celebrated the successful completion of their community water catchment project on 6th June. This was made possible through their Village Development Funds (VDF) under the Wai Tri CMCA Trust. The project was supported by OTDF, and the villagers expressed their gratitude for the efforts and logistical support provided.

Mr. Soke (L) and the CMCA Trust Administrator (R) try the ingenuity of the gravity supply water tap

Mr. Adam Soke, a dedicated community representative, conveyed his appreciation on behalf of the villagers. He acknowledged the challenges they faced in initiating the project, stating that it was not an easy task. “I am representing the community not as an elected leader or councillor but as a youth who has witnessed the dire needs of our people in our village,” he explained. Currently, only six families reside in Kokonda village, and Mr. Soke expressed his hopes that the water catchment project would serve as an incentive for others to come back.

Mr. Johanis Saferius, the CMCA Trust Administrator, echoed Mr. Soke’s sentiments and affirmed the Trust Administration’s commitment to delivering all pending projects. He assured the Kokonda village community that more projects were in the pipeline, not only for the North Fly CMCA region but also for the Middle and South Fly communities. Mr. Saferius praised his dedicated team for their unwavering efforts and acknowledged the contractor responsible for constructing the building and installing the tanks.

Mr. Havini Vira, the CEO of OTDF, emphasized the significance of such legacy projects. He pointed out that the progress of such projects was often hindered by the limitations of community funds, which could secure materials but not cover the costs of transportation. Mr. Vira stressed the importance of community ownership and urged the villagers to take care of the facility. The presence of the minority, who attended the program, was as a positive sign of change and patience within the Kokonda community.

The completion of the community water catchment project in Kokonda village has brought newfound hope and enthusiasm to the residents. It stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the community, OTDF, and the Trust Administration, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of the villagers. The success of this project is the basis for future endeavours aimed at improving communities throughout the region through the compensation benefits from OTML operations.


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