One of the five houses nearing completion in Finalbin village

OTDF’s Tabubil operations team ensures project delivery for Mine villages is monitored from start to finish.

According to Regional officer Miape Baupupu, OTDF is working closely with contractors engaged in constructing five prefabricated houses at Finalbin village.

He said with more vaccinations being dispensed, Covid 19 restrictions have been reviewed giving enough space for project delivery, program implementation and community engagement.

“Progress is going well with all houses at half completion stage, with certain matters which contractors have ascertained for review by OTDF.”

Project supervisor onsite, Mr. Wilfred Tala said the project requires additional materials.

“Mr. Tala said t OTDF Infrastructure team visited the project site on 25 June, to assess construction progress and provide a report with recommended actions to take, before project completion.

On a high note, the team in Tabubil delivered project materials for inland fish farming at Derongo village and materials for CRC church in Kolebon village in the Nupmo Trust region.

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