Caption: Youths receive the rations from executives of the women’s association and development partners at Kiunga waterfront

In a heartwarming gesture aimed at fostering community development and engagement, the Middle Fly Women and Children Association (MFWCA) extended a helping hand to youths from three villages of upper middle fly.

The association presented bails of rice, assorted food items, and drums of fuel to support the initiation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) scheme during this festive season.

The MFWCA in recognizing the significance of youths as vital stakeholders in community development, donated items to empower the young members of Erecta, Karemgo, and Moian. The youths had established an SME to contribute meaningfully to the local economy.

Mr. Andrew Mari, OTDF Executive Manager Program Services, delivered an encouraging message to the youths during the presentation. He said: “You must remain consistent and persevere in your efforts to ensure the success and sustainability of your SMEs. He also stressed the importance recognizing the youths and engaging them in meaningful activities during the festive season and encouraged the youths to be good role models in shaping the future of the community.

“Youths are important stakeholders in the community and should be recognized and given prominence to make them become useful members in the community,” remarked Mr. Mari. He expressed gratitude towards the Village Planning Committees (VPCs), the women association and the OTDF Team for their unwavering support in supporting the youths.

The small yet significant presentation concluded with expressions of joy and gratitude from the youths and their leaders. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to expand their SMEs, fueled by the support and encouragement provided by the MFWCA. The act of generosity is a catalyst for positive change and progress within the community, empowering the youths to shape a brighter future for themselves and their villages.

OTDF Media