CMCA and Mine Village Women & Childrens’ Association presidents present investment payment to OTML

The eight Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) and Mine villages Women & Children Associations have committed a K5.3 million investment in the 150-men donga project to accommodate employees at the Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s (OTML) Bige operations.

This commitment was signified by a presentation of a dummy cheque to OTML’s Economic Program Manager, Mr Steve Hoap at the Cassowary Hotel in Kiunga, Western Province on August 16, 2023.

This event was attended by representatives of OTML, Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) and presidents of the nine associations.

Speaking on behalf of the presidents, Mrs Saridu Saudi of the Suki-Fly Gogo Women and Childrens’ Association, thanked OTML for giving the women and children associations the opportunity to invest in the Ok Tedi project. She also applauded OTDF for all its administrative and development support for the women and children programs in the regions impacted by the mine and the province as a whole.

She said: “I am really blessed this morning. I stand with a joyful heart speaking as we present this funding to OTML. This is a major investment for us and as we seek partners to collaborate with us, I want to thank the OTML management for this opportunity. Thank you.”

Saridu Saudi addressing the CMCA Women & Childrens’ Association Presidents forum, Cassowary Hotel Kiunga, Western Province

“We are thrilled to witness the collective effort of the CMCA Women Associations as they commit K5.3 million to the 150 Room Donga Project,” said Mr Havini Vira, CEO of OTDF.

“This commitment reflects the women’s dedication to partner in growth, progress, and improved livelihoods for all,” Mr Vira said.  He said this investment, with guaranteed returns, will generate profits that will support the women’s development activities beyond mine closure.

The presentation event coincided with a scheduled meeting of the Women Presidents, which served as a powerful reminder of the potential that can be unlocked when communities work together towards a common goal.

Receiving the investment on behalf of OTML was Mr Steve Hoap, Manager Economic Programs. He expressed gratitude for the CMCA Women Associations resolve to support initiatives that will generate significant returns for the women and their communities. Mr. Hoap also thanked OTDF for guiding the women leaders and their associations in investing wisely over the years.

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